Marina Savorelli and Alberto Gómez Noguerales have been working together for more than 20 years, with projects carried out in different parts of Spain. The criteria that synthesize the work of the study are the understanding of architecture as an added value that goes beyond the resolution of functional, constructive, bureaucratic or economic problems, something that has to do with experimentation and unconscious enjoyment through the senses.

All this is reflected through different project itineraries, adapting to each individual theme, to achieve the best results with the highest quality and taking into account the greatest possible number of parameters for a sustainable construction. The projects are developed by sharing them with specialists from different fields, obtaining an interdisciplinary work and obtaining results that respond simultaneously to different problems or demands..


Architects Directors:

Alberto Gómez Noguerales
Architect. School of Higher Technical Architecture of Madrid ETSAM.
Master in Restoration of Monuments in Sapienza University of Rome.
Assistant Professor at the School of Superior Technical Architecture of Madrid in the Department of Construction.
Professor at the School of Architecture and Art at the UEM in the Chair of Construction and Projects.
Professor of University Master in the School of Architecture and Art at the UEM in «Efficient Building and Energy and Environmental Rehabilitation».
Head of Department of Projects in Grupo Inmobiliario Nuevo Mundo. 1998-2000.
Head of Department of Projects in Grupo Inmobiliario Baluarte. 2000-2006
Own study since 1992.

Marina Savorelli
Architect. University of Architecture of Venice IUAV.
Master in Restoration of Monuments in Sapienza University of Rome.
General Plan of the Historical Center of Ravenna (Italy) in collaboration with Arch. Luciano Puntuale.
Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Assets of Rome. Collaborations in Ravenna, Ferrara, Rimini and Forli.
Own study since 1997.


Marta Cillero Gómez, Sonia Fernández Núñez, Trinidad Vaquero Piñero, Raquel González Herrero, Ana Izquierdo de La Cal, Lucia Rugnon, Miguel Caparros, Ana Pérez.